Victorian Daffodil Society

To encourage and assist those interested in the exhibiting of Daffodils

Welcome to our official website June 18, 2013

VDS Members in Fred Silcock's field

To encourage and assist those interested in the exhibiting of Daffodils

The society was formed in 1962 by interested persons and originally named the Australian Daffodil Society.

Our general aims are:

  • To spread knowledge of and cultivation of daffodils

  • Assist in the promotion and development of exhibition, decorative, cut flower and garden daffodils

  • For members to work in friendship and fellowship in the development of daffodils

  • Provide and operate facilities for these purposes

  • The society holds regular meetings, workshops and flower shows and produces three newsletters a year. We train and provide judges for the program of Victorian Daffodils Shows

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President: Mr Wayne Brown, 105 Commercial Road, Yarram, Victoria, 3971.
Phone (03) 5182 5059    Mobile: 0429 440 090    Email:

Secretary: Ms Sue Thompson, 220 Canavans Road, Leongatha North, Victoria, 3953.
Phone (03) 5668 6334    Email:

Treasurer: Mrs Dot Smith, PO Box 56, Metcalfe, Victoria, 3448.
Phone (03) 5423 2635    Email:

Membership Secretary: Mrs Pam Hook, 32 Outlook Drive, Berwick, Victoria, 3806.
Phone: (03) 9796 2704

Newsletter Editors:  Mrs Joy Dyson
Phone: (03) 5664 4227    Mobile: 0433 992 020    Email:

Yearbooks Officer: Mr Graeme Brumley, 51 Rosa Ct.,  KYNETON Victoria 3444
Phone: (03) 5422 1467